June 29th

Today was one of the best days of my life, thanks to Keletso (our tour guide for the day) for taking us on a food tour of Bellville. We started off at Keletso’s favorite coffee shop, Boston Coffee, where I grabbed a hot chocolate to sip while we discussed the upcoming plan for the tour. Before continuing the rest of our food tour, Keletso took us around town to see some of the most popular murals/street art in Bellville. Most of the murals eccoed the diversity that resides in capetown, and in a way brings the community together.

Next stop: more food! Our second food tasting destination was Holland Bakery (aka heaven). There we tasted some of their famous “amsterdammers”, and it was a magical experience I ended up buying 4 more before we left. We then walked down the street to Radia’s Takeaway where we enjoyed beef samosas and mini beef roties. By then I was stuffed, but we had one more stop left, Afya Cafe. In the cafe we were served butter coffee and popcorn, a light, interesting snack that concluded our food tasting tour for the day.

Later on that night we attended a supper club hosted by the famous south african artist/ apartheid activist Lionel Davis. At the end of the dinner we had a chance to speak with the artist and gift him one of our best hand printed notebooks. Our day was full of adventure, and the artist talk was a great way to wind down the day.