District 6 Museum

We started this morning by going to the District 6 Museum; one thing we all noticed when we arrived was the large number of tour groups probably due to the rainy weather. We walked through the museum and we were each given the task of finding something that stood out to us so that we could discuss it together later. Everything that we chose brought up some very interesting topics of discussion. We discussed the music trends from that time, the former uses for the building in which the museum is housed, and how the museum and the community are related, etc. I was really interested in the relationship and tensions between the residents and the government and how the government created all these laws and rules for the living conditions in District Six. However, they wouldn’t really offer any help making those changes in their lives. The dynamics of this relationship was used to introduce discussion on the dynamics of the museum and who contributed to the building and shaping of the museum and the content found there.

After the museum, we met up with Rehana Odendaal, Andre and Zora’s daughter, for lunch real quick before we returned to our apartment and made some more art! We tried a new method of stenciling and using a form of spray paint. We chose a issue that we were concerned with and we had to make an icon to represent that idea. We used acetate to cut our icons into and then we put that over a sheet of paper and sprayed some paint over it. We all made a lot of different prints and they all turned out really good! The day ended up being very fun despite that I was feeling pretty sick all day.

That night Kiana, Kitty, and Lizz went out to explore Long street and see what type of stuff was going on there. I stayed in and rested so I could I could hopefully get better soon.