Internship – Week 1

The first day of our internship we met Wandile, our top internship supervisor and the Public Programs Coordinator for the Iziko Museums. He showed us around the different museums in the area, including the Planetarium in the South African Natural History Museum and the Bo-Kaap Museum. We ended our day meeting our other supervisors, Bradley and Janene.

The rest of the week we worked with Bradley and Janene at the South African National Gallery to help put up an African art exhibition, curated by a woman named Carol. Throughout the week we did things like pin sleeves for a dress stand, hand sewed a mannequin for a skirt, put sand in support sleeves and sewed them shut, made a large cross stand for a traditional African shirt, sewed padding on poles for textiles, and helped decide where items should go in the exhibition.

I learned to sew in middle school but had not done it since, so it was really interesting to do so much of it at once. We were lucky to have Kitty because she knew what she was doing and could help us when we needed it. Overall, I enjoyed being able to be apart of an exhibition in the South African National Gallery and it was a great first week of the internship!

On Friday, we got the chance to go to the West Coast Fossil park with our supervisors Wandile and Stella. It was an awesome experience because I had never seen fossils outside of a museum. It was very interesting to learn about the area because the whole park used to be a river and had very rich vegetation.