Internship Week 1

Week one was cool. We met the jovial Wandile and got a quick tour of several Iziko museums before starting at the social history center. There we have been assisting the conservators Jeanine and Bradley with the Hidden Treasures exhibition. The exhibitions centers on traditional clothing and other artifacts from the indigenous peoples of South Africa.The curator Carol is lovely and tells us the backstory to each of the piece on display as we work with it. If there is one skill I acquired this week it is sewing. I knew how to hand stitch but this week has cemented those skills in addition to me learning how to use a sewing machine.In our little room that we dubbed the “workshop” we were sewing away to make stands for the textile pieces for an exhibition. This week was pretty cool because we got to put up some art pieces. That doesn’t happen in America. we had a Fourth of July Braai in honor of Independence day. It was my first time grilling. After a couple calls to various dads and brothers we got the fire going and everyone had their fill. On Friday West Coast Fossil Park. It was super cool! I’ve never seen fossils so close up. It was kind of hard to believe they were real. We also got a tour of the new facilitates that they are building.Saturday we went to a rugby game. It is much harder to follow in person. To have the full experience we bought some food and cheered the home team on. They won so I think I can safely call the night a success.

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