Internship – Week 2

The second week of our internship was a busy one. We continued working at the South African National Gallery for Carol’s African Art exhibition. This included padding a rectangular pole and sewing it for a textile, making shoulder pads for the traditional shirt, and sewed padding on multiple poles for textiles.

This was the first week we got to go on a Mobile Museum with our supervision Stella. The Mobile Museum is a way to educate children about museums in the surrounding townships, especially those who cannot afford to attend the museum themselves. When we got to the township, we helped Stella assemble his presentation, which was full of dead animals preserved by the Taxidermist named Nelson. He taught the children about the animals and what they have to do with museums. After, we helped organize a beading project for the kids where they make bracelets with different colored beads. I love working with kids so I especially enjoyed going on the Mobile Museum.

Since we had finished working on Carol’s exhibition, we helped our colleagues Melanie and Stacy in the Social History Museum. We started off by sorting documents in numerical order and then were tasked with laminating documents from the Apartheid Era. It was very interesting to read the personal letters written by a well-known editor at the time of Apartheid.