Cape Town: Week Two

Our second week in Cape Town was full of adventure. We rode along on our first mobile museum trip, which was exciting. The mobile museum gives children who may not have access to Iziko museums, the opportunity to interact with the museum’s content. I loved watching the children’s reactions to the different taxidermy animals that we revealed to them. Their amazement and excitement with every object that was brought out, makes me look forward to our upcoming mobile museum trips.

We also visited parliament with another group of Iziko interns and learned more about how the government of South Africa functions. That same day, after the tour, we visited a fabric shop with Janine, one of our supervisors. Janine also took us to visit The Castle, another Iziko Museum site.

Outside of work we ate lots of pizza, chocolate croissants and coconut butter cookies. We also did a little bit of shopping  at the Cape Walk mall, to prepare for Liz’s upcoming birthday.