Week 2 at Iziko Museums!

This week we continued working with Carol in the National Gallery to help set up the exhibition “Hidden Treasures”. We finished some stuff we had already started working on and helped set up other things as well. It was really satisfying seeing everything starting to come together!

On Tuesday we went with the mobile museum for the first time to a library that had a program for kids over their break from school. Sthembele did a little presentation with the artifacts from the museum and afterwards we helped the kids do a little bead making activity.

On Friday we went on a tour of Parliament and saw all the rooms in which their meetings are held. It was really cool learning about the designated seating and who sat where. We also learned some other background information about these chambers and how the meetings work.

After our tour in Parliament we went with Janine to the Castle of Good Hope for the first time briefly to see the new exhibition that they are setting up which has been closed for over a year. Janine also showed us a gallery there containing old traditional and modern pottery. I really enjoyed seeing all the old beer pots and Zulu pottery alongside more modern pottery. It was interesting to compare them and see how pottery has progressed. I could honestly spend hours there just admiring everything, and since my concentration is in ceramics I really enjoy examining stuff like this to try and figure out the techniques and methods used. This was definitely the highlight of this week for me!