Internship week 2

Week 2 we’re back at it again with the sewing poles. More artworks are starting to go up in the “Hidden Treasures” exhibition. It feel very satisfying to be able to look around and point out all the things you had a hand in. It has also been great to see the store rooms and touch the art. Carol, the curator, has a wealth of knowledge about the pieces she’s using and their cultural significance.

IMG_4225 3

Tuesday we went on the mobile museum for the first time. The mobile museum is a large van that is used to bring the museum to children in urban areas that might not get a chance to come to the museum. It was fun. We led a bracelet making workshop after Sthembele gave a presentation on the museum and showed some artifacts. I was just as wide-eyed as the children at times. It’s not every day you see the backbone of a whale or a taxidermy penguin.

Friday was our trip to Parliament. It was nice and we got a lot of information from the tour guide. Some of it went over my head but I can say I learned much about South African government. We also got to meet other Iziko interns.

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