Internship – Week 3

This week we started off working at The Castle of Good Hope, another Iziko Museum. We helped organize and clean for an exhibition which consisted of mainly colonial artwork and artifacts. It was interesting to see a different side of the Iziko Museums, because this focused mainly on colonial times and the people that contributed to the Apartheid Era, whereas the National Gallery held items and artwork of people affected by the Apartheid Era.

Tuesday was Mandela Day, so we accompanied the Mobile Museum to a Children’s Home outside Cape Town. We had to come up with our own project for the kids, so we used our printmaking skills to make a short activity. Each child would get a piece of styrofoam and engrave something on it with the theme “what does freedom mean to you?”. They would then come to us and we would roll a paint color of their choice over the drawing and they would stamp it on a piece of paper. The kids seemed to really enjoy it and it made my day to see a smile on their face. It felt really good to give back, especially on a day like Mandela Day.

Wednesday was my 22nd Birthday, and we went on another Mobile Museum. It was also really special to work with kids in need on my birthday. Thursday we went with Stella as well on the Mobile Museum and ended the day with a potluck lunch to say goodbye to our coworkers from Reunion Island, Leyya and Sandrine.