Final Week in Cape Town!

To start the week off strong we went and climbed Table Mountain on Sunday! We did a little research and decided Platteklip Gorge was the best trail for us to take. Our timing was not so great so we started a little later in the day which resulted in us having to race against the sun to get to the top so we wouldn’t be climbing in the dark or so we would not miss the cable car back down! Otherwise we would be stuck climbing back down in the dark! We made it thankfully, but it definitely was no cake walk. It was pretty rough and I think we all at one point were reconsidering our decision to climb this mountain, especially since it felt like it was never-ending! We took a wrong turn at one point which led us to a cool waterfall which was actually worth the wasted time. We struggled sometimes but when we all finally made it to the top it was such an amazing feeling. At the top we had a group bonding moment because it was seriously such an accomplishment for us all. I think it was probably one of the hardest things I have ever had to do and I have never felt more accomplished and proud. Once at the top it was an easy walk to the cable car which we took back down instead of climbing.

The rest of the week went by so fast it was crazy! On Monday we switched things up a bit by working in the marine biology collections area of the museum. We worked with the small specimens of coral and all other weird sea life. It was pretty cool to see this other side of museums since up till now we have been working with just the art and social history side of museums. It was really cool to experience this aspect of museums and see how this department functions.

Then the rest of the week we were back with Janine and Bradley working on documenting and cleaning a bunch of old artifacts that had just come back from the Slave Lodge after having been there for almost 20 years! It was pretty interesting work and it was nice being able to see and experience for myself how these artifacts are handled. This week we definitely did and saw a lot of new stuff that goes along with working in museums and handling the various collections of the museum.

On Friday, our final day (insert sad face), we gave a presentation about all we have learned and experienced here at the Iziko museums. Afterwards we gave little going away gifts to everyone there and said our goodbyes to Janine, Bradley, Wandile, and a couple other people that we worked with along the way. I didn’t realize how hard it was going to be to say goodbye to all these amazing people I had met and worked with here. I know we will for sure miss Cape Town and South Africa and all the cool and amazing people we met here. It was such an amazing experience and I can say for sure that I will never forget this crazy journey!