Cape Town: Week 4

I cant believe that I’ve made it to this point already. It feels like just last week we were just arriving in Cape Town, unsure of what the city had in store for us. Now the journey has become clear, being that its reaching the end, and we’re going out with a bang. We got tattoos! Group tattoos! This experience has effected all 4 of us immensely, so we collaboratively decided to document this pivotal moment in our lives.

This was also our last week of work. Saying goodbye to our supervisors and coworkers was hard, but at I’m grateful to have met Janine, Bradley, Stacy, Melanie, Wandile and everyone else that I crossed paths with along the way. Their presences’ made my South African experience unreal. I’m going to miss South Africa but I have a feeling that I’ll be back fairly soon, so my feels haven’t set in yet.