The Plan

Part study abroad, part internship, sign up for the summer experience of a lifetime.

Top Ten Reasons to sign up for the Art, Cultural Heritage, and Museum Education Study Abroad program:

1. Debate what makes art, art (especially street art). And how it can change society.
2. Eat an ostrich burger.
3. Meet community arts activists.
4. Go behind the scenes at famous museums, including Robben Island—where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned.
5. Make new friends.
6. See lions, elephants, giraffes, and warthogs up close & personal (OK, more like this).
7. Learn about South African food, sports, music, vineyards,and landscape.
8. Critique the contemporary art scene.
9. Climb Table Mountain.
10. Get work experience as an intern in a cultural arts organization.

Sign up now to spend 1 week on the MSU campus, 1 week in Johannesburg, 2 days in Kruger National Park, and 1 week in Cape Town followed by a 4 week internship in a Cape Town museum or cultural heritage organization.

Apply here.