Before You Go

You will want to bring some cash that you can exchange when you arrive.  We’ll discuss exact amounts during the first week (before we leave).
Credit cards & ATM’s: South Africa does have many ATM machines and most places take credit cards.  You may be charged international fees by your bank. IMPORTANT: Call your bank before you leave to make sure your credit/debit card will work in South Africa, that you have all the PIN codes you might need, and that they know you’ll be abroad so they don’t put a security hold on your account.

: Make a photocopy of your passport and credit cards–leave one at home and take one with you.
Health: Sign up for MSU’s International Health Plan and print out a copy of the card they provide.
Travel Plans: Make sure your family has a link to our website so they can find information on where we are.
Flight Info: Print out and leave a copy of your flight information at home with your family.

International plugs: It’s a good idea to purchase at least one international electrical outlet adapter so you can plug in your electronics.

Calling home: 
You will be able to call home with a phone card.  Dial 00+1+your phone number
From the US to South Africa: Dial 011+27+(2-digit area code)+(7-digit phone number)
Emergencies: We will have a cell phone number to leave with your families for emergencies.