What to Bring

It’s winter in South Africa! You’ll want to be prepared for cooler temperatures BUT remember, the less you pack, the less you have to carry (and the more room you have to bring back South African souvenirs!). We WILL have a prize for the best (most streamlined) packing job!

– long sleeve shirts (for layering and for interning)
– lots of layers (think tank tops/camis to put under shirts, etc.)
– long pants (jeans, black pants that can pass as dressy, one other pair)
– a scarf
– raincoat/jacket of some sort
– sneakers
– nicer shoes to wear to work (comfortable flats since you’ll be walking a lot)
– one nicer outfit in case we go out
– warm socks
– tights/leggings
– internship clothes (ex. 1-2 simple skirts/or pants that can pass as professional,
– travel alarm clock
– any chargers you need for electronics
– an electrical outlet adapter
– sunglasses
– journal/notebook
– a couple zip-lock bags
– a couple safety pins (you never know)
– a small, super lightweight flashlight
Optional: small/light binoculars (for animal sightings!)

Mini First Aid Kit
(There are plenty of pharmacies in S.A., but just in case, it’s helpful to have a tiny kit ready.)
– Tums
– Imodium
– Tylenol/Ibuprofren
– Band-aids