Program Description



This hybrid program provides opportunities to explore and participate in contemporary art and culture in South Africa.


South Africa has a rich history of expressive culture dating from some of the world’s first examples of rock art to today’s art that reflects the complexities of a multi-cultural society undergoing tremendous transformations. Before the end of apartheid and the establishment of a new government in 1994, much of the nation’s art, music, history, and culture were little known to the rest of the world.


Through site visits, conversations with arts professionals and museum staff, art-making, and reflection activities, students will critically assess the social, racial, religious, political, and cultural factors that impact contemporary art and the institutions charged with preserving and presenting culture.


Participants spend the final five weeks of the program working in a Cape Town museum in conservation, education, or curatorial departments.  Working under the direction of accomplished professionals, students gain invaluable real-life museum experience.  Regular reflection activities throughout the internship will help frame these experiences in the context of worldwide issues and standards of museum practice.




Note: This program provides participants with an opportunity to complete seven of the requisite 15 credits needed to obtain a transcript for a Museum Studies specialization for undergraduates or a certificate for graduate and lifelong education students. Sponsored by the Department of Art, Art History and Design and the Museum Studies Program in the College of Arts & Letters, and the Michigan State University Museum.

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    • Dear Eric. If you go to the MSU Study Abroad website, it has all of the basic information about applying to and getting financial aid for programs run by MSU. Check it out and then if you have particular questions about this program, please get back with us. – marsha macdowell, faculty team member for this program

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