This program is geared toward those individuals interested in issues related to artistic expression, cultural heritage, and museum studies in a global context.  The program includes lectures, guided discussions of readings, visits to museums, art-making, heritage sites, national parks, and artists’ studios/workplaces and, where possible, attendance at performances of music and dance.

Students will be required to enroll in seven (7) credits including mandatory enrollment in Museum Studies internship (3 credits) (AL 493c, 496, or 893 or, by permission of faculty and advisor, an alternate MSU internship course), AND one or more of the courses as follows to total an additional 4 credits:

MUSM 485 Foundations of Museum Studies 3 cr.
MUSM 498 Learning in Museums 3 cr.
MUSM 492 Special Topics in Museum Studies     1-3 cr.
MUSM 491 Special Topics in Art History   1-4 cr.
MUSM 492 Special Topics in Museum Studies     3 cr.
MUSM 893 Museum Internship (Graduate)
MUSM 895 Current Issues in Museums (Graduate)

This study abroad program provides participants with an opportunity to complete seven of the requisite 15 credits needed to obtain a transcript for a Museum Studies specialization for undergraduates or a certificate for graduate and lifelong education students. The MSU Museum Studies program is “grounded in theory, reflection, and responsible practice and with an emphasis on interdisciplinary knowledge, cutting-edge technology, global issues, community engagement, and informal learning, and is designed to prepare undergraduates and graduates for innovative careers in museums and interpretive centers of learning.

For more about the MSU Museum Studies Program, course descriptions, and requirements of the Museum Studies internships, go to the MSU Museum Studies Program.

Course prerequisites may apply; see Course Descriptions (on the MSU Website) or program leader for details.